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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Online Jobs

such a name ... Google made world different , from searching engines to
android Operating system and also other types of fields , researches and
discoveries and new inventions in the technology section , they're into almost everything concerned
with technology on earth.

About working for Google , first of all you have to be sure you're working
for Google , because alot of scammers around the world fool people and start
letting them work thinking they're working for Google , but they're just
getting scammed .However , being careful is a must in online jobs and it will
be discussed in the last section briefly .

Google offers ads rating jobs , when it comes to ads rating it's not quiet
a hard job , but google corporate requires a university degree to work for them
, it's quiet not that hard for graduates , you have your degree , you can work
there ... surely if you're the one needed for a job there .

Being ads quality rater isn't a boring job as most of people think , it
requires low skills yes , but you'll find ads everywhere around google engines
and start rating them if they're not rated , to let them whether appear or not
, whether restricted or not , must be deleted or must be put for an actual age

it also will allow you to understand general concepts of ads and how to
make a suitable and successful survey which will help you widely in your
working life and if you're planning to make a career shifting .

Average payment per hour : 20-25$